B1 (FR) Class

Fire resistant Aluminum composite panels which are developed with B1 technology which provides fire resistance to building façades offer high quality products for the consumers with light, flexible and durable structure and modern designs.
Areas of Application for B1 (FR) class Composite Panels: High-rise buildings, industrial buildings, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, train and metro stations, hotels and all buildings which require fire insulation.
Other Standard Features:
» It possesses high rigidity and resistance features.
» It displays high resistance against outer weather conditions and UV lights.
» It puts acidic and basic resistance performance under heavy external environmental conditions.
» It has the feature of being easily processed.
» It is a durable, resistant and light material.
» It has an aesthetical and smooth structure.
» It has low heat and sound conductivity coefficients.
» It is 100% recyclable and environment-friendly.
» It provides the best application with easy and convenient use.
» High resistance against environmental conditions.
» Best results in applications.