Features of Aluminum Composite Panel

Renabond Aluminum Composite Panels manufactured under Renasa Metal brand, are produced in A2 (FR) – B1 (FR) and B2 classes and with advanced technology standards. Composite panel is a one side colored aluminum composite sheet which consist of polyethylene mid-filling covered with aluminum sheets at both sides. Composite Panels provide endless opportunities to architectures and designers for constructing authentic buildings and it is a construction material which could be easily applied to outer and inner façades.

Composite Panels are manufactured in different core thicknesses depending on the place of use, the wind load and the type of application. The colored side (PVDF or HDPE) of the composite which is manufactured in solid, metallic wood and special effect colors has become commonly used in outer coating applications thanks to its UV light resistant surface.

Advantages of Composite Panels:
» It is a durable, resistant and light material.
» It offers various color choices
» It has an aesthetical and smooth structure.
» High sound and heat insolation
» It is 100% recyclable and environment-friendly.
» It provides the best application with easy and convenient use.
» High resistance against environmental conditions.
» It provides the best results in applications.
» Easy cleaning and maintenance